Code For America

17 Oct

I got the Fellowship! I’m spending 2013 hacking on cities with Code For America. Yeah yeah yeah!

Code For America is a new organization that helps upgrade cities. It has quickly become the most distinguished force in the emerging open government, smart city movement. It’s like ‘PeaceCorps for geeks’ which I’m way down with.

They’ll send me out to one of the 2013 partner cities where I’ll get to flip the local government onto state of the art tech. My first job will be to meet tons of government employees and community leaders and just listen. After hearing what the local problems are and figuring out the local political quilt, I’ll come back to San Francisco for the rest of the year and hack. I’ll have the opportunity to hack on solving the specific problems my partner city faces, and solve them in a way that is scalable to any city in the world.

If the quality of projects from the past years Fellows are any example, its going to be an immensely exciting, yet challenging year. Bring it.

2013, the official year of Hack Your City.

Here is the Code For America founder and executive director, Jennifer Pahlka preaching church at TED.

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